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  1. Sort of Old Car

From the recording Love at Every Turn

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This old car isn’t anything to sing about
Barely something to talk about
It’s just a car
It’s not cool enough to be interesting
It’ll never make a movie scene
It’s just a car

Chorus: Just a sort of old car with a missing hubcap
Hundred thousand miles, seems like home
Riding down the road and the radio’s busted
Gotta sing out loud so you don’t feel alone

It doesn’t have any fins and it’s not a pretty color
No bright chrome or fancy designs
Door is broken and the roof rack’s rusted
It’s a piece of junk, drives fine


Now here’s the part worth some talking
Here’s the thing merits some news
When you drive a car that’s merely transportation
You got something you’re not scared to lose

Don’t worry about dings or tears in the fabric
Don’t worry about a dent in the fender or two
Don’t worry about the time that you filled it up with groceries
And the ice cream melted and the syrup leaked through
Don’t worry about the stuff stickin’ to the carpet
It’ll never come out it’s dried like paste
Don’t worry about the papers you piled in the backseat
It’s nice to have some storage space
Yeah, it’s nice to have some storage space