From the recording Love at Every Turn

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My baby don’t like me today
He says I should just stay out of his way
My baby’s not happy, he’s got some secret gripe with me
My baby don’t like me today
But if I do go away he cries I miss your face
And I never do mean what I say

My honey’s got stuff on his mind
He don’t like the job and he don’t like the grind
He wants to be younger or richer and chic
He wants an old Jaguar or something antique
But when push comes to shove he’s not that big a fool
He knows sugar is sweet, ice cream is cool

Well, I don’t like the fighting
But the making up’s good
Gotta bend like the wind, stand like the wood

I wish it was nice all the time
I wish all the stories and all of the rhymes
Were true like the moon and the stars they invoke
All of them heartfelt breathless and broke
But that’s not the case, I will tell you no lies,
Sometimes we fall, sometimes we fly


So bring me a flower or two
Bring me some stockings to wear with my shoes
Bring me hot tea when the weather turns bold
Bring me your love that will never get cold
And count all the leaves on the tree that we grew
One plus one plus two plus two